In The Mindway

It's the pathway the mind travels that is so sacred.
We are all sharing together so free without hatred.
There are no limits to stop us so no reason to quit.
The universe of happiness & it's discovery is out there;

Let's get on it it's our trip.




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Name: James M. Driskill, Born September 1st, 1965 (09/01/65) in San Bernardino CA USA, Class of 1983 San Bernardino High School, Current residence of El Cerrito CA USA, Single, Living in shared apartment with older female roommate since October, 2000.

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Please email me if you hit me from any of these older reference keywords.
I would love to here from you.

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1984-1987 : Apples R US BBS : San Bernardino, CA : 714-883-6348 : Apple //e
1983-1987 : MicroLink BBS : San Bernardino, CA : Public Library/Cosand Computer Center : 714-884-4922 : Apple //e
1992-1996 : Sir James BBS w/Magick Resource Center : San Leandro / Oakland, CA : 510-633-1394 : PC/MSDOS

(note: There are several dial up telephone numbers that were active: 510-633-1394 : 510-633-7619 : 510-261-6863 : 510-430-2865 )

BBS NETWORKING DETAILS: [ System site to site dialup ]:

Host,215,East_Alameda_County_Net,Castro_Valley_CA,John_Nobriga,1-510-881-7678,9600,V32b,V42b,XX,CM [1:215/0]
510-633-7619,9600,V32b,V42b,CM,XA [1:215/53]

(Note: All Non Direct Related System In Sub Net 215 are omitted, see above link for complete list )

Net 161 -- SF EAST BAY\VALLEY -- Benicia CA : http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena/reference/net-directory/host-tables/FIDONet-Hosts.txt

453,Sir_James_BBS,Oakland_CA,Sir_James,1-510-633-7619,9600,V32b,V42b,CM,XA [1:161/453]

(Note: The above use of net 161 was a during a temporary period of time when Net 215 had outtage issues )

Dharmanet File Distrubtion Network : http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/academic/religious_studies/Buddhism/DEFA/Journals/Gassho/gass0101.nws

   Sir James BBS, Oakland CA          510-261-6863    Fidonet: 1:161/453
   BODY DHARMA ONLINE, Berkeley CA    510-836-4717    Fidonet: 1:125/33

Region,9300,Region_9300_Host,San_Leandro,Sir_James,1-510-430-2865,2400,XA,CM [93:9300/0]
,1,A_Call_For_Papers,Redford_MI,Scott_Wilson,1-313-535-0842,9600,HST,V32B,V42B,XA,CM ,2,Pagan_Rites,Tampa_Fl,Don_Hoffmeier,1-813-932-6480,2400,CM,XA
,37,Darkover,Union_City_CA,Wita_Woman,1-510-430-2865,2400,XA,CM ;

Host,9060,9060_Host,Oakland_CA,Sir_James,1-510-633-7619,9600,V32B,V42B,XA,CM [93:9060/0]
510-633-7619,9600,V32B,V42B,XA,CM] [93:9060/53]
,81,The_Stage,Berkeley_CA,Liana,1-510-843-2754,2400,XA,CM ,208,Earthrite_Forum_BBS,Payette_ID,Phillip_Barker,1-208-642-9400,2400,V22 ,317,The_Underground_Forest,Oakland_CA,Badger,1-510-436-7678,2400,CM,XA
,462,HTG/Outreach,San_Mateo_CA,Sagittarius,1-415-572-9677,9600,CM,XA,UGAY ,606,HalfLife,Hayward_CA,Gracie_H,1-510-886-6180,2400,XA,LH8p-11a

1993 : White Magick Chat Room

Chat Room host : I have the chat transcripts! (pclink / AOL - Sunday's 11pm ET 1993)


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